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Realistic Self-Talk Beats Negative Self-Talk

Do you have the negative self-talk habit?  Are you working on replacing NST with realistic self-talk? Check out a good video (posted earlier this year) about NST and a re-post about realistic self-talk, below. WHAT IS REALISTIC THINKING? “I talk to myself inside all the time. That’s how I know what I’m thinking. …

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Neuroplasticity — Key to Breaking Negative Self-Talk Habit

Diminish Negative Self-Talk and Learn Realistic Thinking Here’s a link to a video that explains the concept of neuroplasticityl — and demonstrates how you can start to break the negative self-talk habit and begin to build the realistic self-talk habit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELpfYCZa87g For a quick review of negative self-talk habit, check out http://intelligentwomenonly.com/break-negative-self-talk-habit-for-beginners-re-starters

Habits Again!

What? Meditation can help you carry out the intention to break a habit? That’s what author Jeremy Dean says in his book Making Habits, Breaking Habits, while also acknowledging that meditation is not for everyone. Although Dean is quoting research, I’m unsure of how that process works and he doesn’t provide details. …

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How Do You Break Habits? Easily? Nope.

How do you break a habit? Breaking the negative self-talk habit with a focus on using new brain science (my current book project) changes the approach, but doesn’t change some facts about making and breaking habits. Jeremy Dean’s book, Making Habits, Breaking Habits comments that the intention to break a habit is …

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