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Negative Self-talk Creates Stress and Decreases Brain Fitness

What’s the effect of stress on brain fitness? Neither brains or bodies function well when under too much stress. A sharpbrains.com post notes, “Liv­ing with high lev­els of sus­tained stress can have a pro­found neg­a­tive impact on your psy­cho­log­i­cal and brain health. While often there is lit­tle we can do to change …

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#1 Brain Investment — Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Back to investing in your brain. I mentioned earlier that I’m working on strategic allocation of attention, which involves focus, distraction, attention. I’m using some Lumosity brain games but can’t tell if they’re helping or not yet. I’m not promoting (or denigrating) Lumosity, just trying out some of the digital brain training …

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Investing in Your Brain

Below is the introductory paragraph of an article from sharpbrains.com which I thought fit well with recent posts on intelligentwomenonly.com about being a different or same person in 2013. Dec 18, 2012 Got Brain? Investing in Our Most Precious Asset in 2013 By: “Open …

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Review of The Agile Mind by Wilma Koutstaal PhD

Here’s an article from sharpbrains.com about my favorite book these days, The Agile Mind. The author, Wilma Koutstaal just won an award for best book of the year from the American Psychological Association. BIG! She is truly a creative, original thinker. The book is encyclopedic and has answered most of my questions about the brain …

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Is Hide and Seek Better for Brain Fitness than Flash Cards?


Interesting studies on kids and brains are reported by Tara Parker-Pope in Sunday NY Times magazine. I will look up the original research when I have more time — near future — but in the meantime here’s the bottom line of the article. Parents who are pushing brain fitness and development in …

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For Habits of Mind — Hit the Brain Gym

As regular readers of intelligentwomen.com know, changing behavior, thinking, feeling habits evolves from the brain unlearning old patterns and acquiring new learning sequences. For example, learning problem-solving thinking, cognitive reappraisal, and detachment are the best ways to eliminate the negative self talk- one of the less useful habits of mind. My book project, Handbook #1 …

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The Agile Mind — Reviewed Lightly and Well on Sharpbrains.com

Check out an article I wrote about The Agile Mind for sharpbrains.com, titled “Promoting Mental Agility through Cognitive Control and Mental Representation.” Today, July 24th, my article is at the top of the first page where you’ll land. Title sounds a bit heavy, but article is light!

Intelligent Women Think about Thinking — Every Day

It’s a cool, rainy, thunderstormy, shocking Colorado shooting day, which takes me back to serious thinking; makes me wonder what thoughts were going on in the mind of the shooter, how/why did they get there, and how is it that apparently no one realized that something was highly amiss in the brain of this person. …

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Problem Solving Thinking — Intuitive Thinking is “In” for Intelligent Women

I wrote this article below for sharpbrains.com, a favorite web-site, in May so I thought I’d pass it along to readers of intelligentwomenonly.com, to eventually be followed by more innovative thinking about thinking by Wilma Koutstaal author of The Agile Mind.     A rare aha moment in 2011 set me chasing new problem-solving research. …

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Negative Self-Talk Stresses Your Brain —No Surprise!

cubizm people business-01(6).jpg

We’ve been talking about emotional regulation — keeping level headed, cool, emotions staying within a narrow band, moderated by you. Negative self-talk does not help us stay in this ideal state of emotional equilibrium as you know. Just saw “This is Your Brain in Meltdown’ from April 2012 Scientific American and it struck a loud …

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