Start Eliminating Negative Self-Talk — The Three A’s

I’m working on finishing my book: Handbook #1 for Intelligent Women: Break the Negative Self-Talk Habit with New Brain Science. As I started working on the chapter on the problem-solving process as the first step toward No NST, I read the end of the previous chapter, which I’ve copied below.

It’s a way to get your mind set to break the habit. I’ll be writing more soon about breaking habits in general too, which applies to eliminating negative self-talk as well as biting fingernails, eating too much chocolate, interrupting others, and other bothersome habits.

 ”Action produces change. So get ready to take action to break the negative self-talk habit. Here are the prerequisites for starting the short course in getting rid of the albatross, the ghoul, the devil, the inner voice that’s a cause and consequence of much of your stress.

Acknowledge without judgment,  “Yes, I’m a big-time negative thinker like many other women.”  The key here is without judgment; just as you might acknowledge that you have brown hair like many other women, you acknowledge NST without self-criticism and with knowledge that you have control of the circumstance, if you choose to take it.

• Accept as truth that, “My negative self-talk does not increase self-esteem or improve my performance.” The voice of self-doubt and self-criticism isn’t a tool for increasing self-worth or confidence. If negative self-talk were effective at producing positive change you wouldn’t still be putting yourself down at age 30, 40, 50, or 60.

Agree with your intelligent self, “I’m too smart to hang on to the negative self-talk habit.” If you’re not getting rid of NST now, then when?  What’s the worst thing that can happen if you risk? You aren’t able to make the needed effort right now? Just set a time two or three months down the road to continue working on getting rid of the negative self-talk; during that time you’ll work on creating brain reserve so you’ll have even more neurons working for you when you go for the habit change again.”

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