About Judith C. Tingley Ph.D

Judith C. Tingley, PhD

Judith C. Tingley Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, and free-lance writer living with her husband on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington. A graduate of the Universities of Michigan, Washington, and Arizona State, she’s currently working on a new book, Handbook #1 for Intelligent Women: Break the Negative Self-Talk Habit with New Brain Science. Judith has tapped the newest brain science for the most effective and realistic ways to break the damaging NST habit. Research findings related to brain health are the current king of knowledge and practice for thinking, feeling, emotion, and self-regulation. Let’s use it! Or lose it.

Dr. Tingley is the author of four previous books: Genderflex—Men and Women Speaking Each Others Language at Work; Say What You Mean Get What You Want: A Business Person’s Guide to Direct Communication; GenderSell—How to Sell to the Opposite Sex and The Power of Indirect Influence. Though the books were written in the mid nineties, many of the principles and practices prove true in the 21st century.

In a career that includes 30 years as a therapist, plus experience as a professional speaker and trainer, an executive coach, and a college professor, Judith has always been a person with strong opinions, clearly differentiating beliefs and thoughts, from facts and research: a skeptical psychologist in certain ways.

She enjoys intelligent discussions on controversial topics of all kinds. Her friends accuse her, in a friendly manner of course, of always wanting to be right and sometimes being outrageous. She acknowledges the tendency, while insisting that she’s working to break the “have to be right” habit, but not the direct communication habit. She co-facilitates a monthly salon at the local library where 8-12 people different people gather to discuss, civilly we hope, varied topics.  Our June conversation, third of the third year, is Privacy.

Running and meditation, duplicate bridge, a lifelong attempt to learn Spanish, plus mental and physical adventure are part of Judith’s daily life. She’s committed to recycling, composting, repurposing, and generally avoiding waste of all kinds; time, energy, space, talents, skills, and charms as well as paper, bottles, and banana peels.

Contact Judith if you would like to book her as a speaker for your next event, hire her as a coach, or click here to learn more about her publications.