Meditation Reduces Duration and Occurence of Colds?

Reduce the occurrence and duration of colds with meditation? WOW! I’m still focused on meditation because I found a few more potentially motivating messages. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the source and author’s name for the second quote. I’m using it because it fits so well with intelligentwomenonly.com’s interest in the elimination of negative self-talk through increased self-knowledge and new techniques.

1. From Scientific American Mind, Nov/Dec 2012 comes information about a general health benefit of meditation — timely too as we enter cold season. The study quoted appeared originally in The Annals of Family Medicine

 • Three research groups were formed: an 8-week meditation training group, an 8-week supervised exercise group and a control group, which did neither.

• The meditation group experienced 76% fewer missed days of work and their cold lasted on average 5 days.

• The exercise group experienced 48% fewer missed days of work and their cold lasted 5 days also.

• The control group members’ colds lasted an average of 8 days.

• Lab tests confirmed the self-reported duration of the cold.

Although the article said the findings are preliminary, whatever that means, it concluded with a quote that mindfulness meditation seems to have worked best to diminish colds.


2. “Mindfulness meditation, when practiced regularly, allows you to become familiar with the workings of your mind in a way that can have profound consequences.  . . .

One of my students articulated her experience with mindfulness meditation beautifully when she said, ‘I started this practice because I felt anxious and thought it would help me sleep. But it has become so much more than that to me. For the first time, I’m recognizing how all the judgments I have about myself keep me from doing the things I want to do. I don’t think I’ll ever see myself the same way again.’ ”

Negative self-talk = “all the judgments I have about myself”. You know the student wasn’t acknowledging all the great self-evaluations as obstacles from doing the things she wants to do. You can find more about the benefits of  psychological distancing, detachment and distraction by searching the blog posts. Meditation is a form of detachment, an extremely useful tool for emotional moderation.





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