John Cleese Explains Brains in 2 Minutes

Monty Python’s John Cleese Almost Explains Our Brains

Here’s part of the prelude to the You Tube bit!


“Pity The Poor Closed Caption Robot …

If you think you’re having a stroke — or maybe hearing problems — you’re not. He’s just THAT good. But for a real giggle, as you listen, click on Closed Caption button at the bottom of the YouTube window. That poor translator bot is like a drowning man in very rough seas; all it can do is fling up words that sound like Cleese’s, but its guesses make no sense, have no grammar, and sometimes it just … freezes. It gives up and goes blank.

In a way, this the real lesson here: John Cleese’s brain is so agile (coming up with words and cadences that sound convincingly English, but aren’t) and artificial intelligence is so un-agile (not aware it’s being duped), that you should be proud, proud, proud to be an intelligent mammal. It will take silicon chips another thousand years to do what Cleese does. So we’re safe. For a little while.

Thank you, “Professor.”


Here’s the link to the 2 minute You Tube that made me laugh and I wonder if for many of us lots of the stuff we read about brains — and other topics too — ends up just like Cleese sounds once it hits our neural pathways.

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