Investing in Your Brain

Below is the introductory paragraph of an article from sharpbrains.com which I thought fit well with recent posts on intelligentwomenonly.com about being a different or same person in 2013.

Dec 18, 2012

Got Brain? Investing in Our Most Precious Asset in 2013


“Open a week­end New York Times or Wall Street Jour­nal and you’ll find a whole sec­tion with detailed infor­ma­tion and advice for indi­vid­u­als look­ing to invest wisely. What you will not find, how­ever, is com­pa­ra­ble infor­ma­tion and advice for invest­ing in your most impor­tant asset of all: your brain. Pre­cisely because it (usu­ally) does its job so smoothly and effec­tively, it’s all too easy to for­get that your brain is there and that it needs to be invested in just as with any­thing else we value and want to con­tinue reap­ing ben­e­fits from.”


I  like Alvaro Fernandez’s analogy of brain investment and  financial investment.

Maybe the place to start is to give some thought to what specific brain functions you want to invest in:

• improving your strategic allocation of attention

• enhancing problem-solving skills

• reducing negative self-talk and other powerful internal stressors

• building memory skills

• managing stress

• increasing creativity

growing flexibility

• adding new experiences and knowledge to your brain

Just making a decision about what you want to invest in will in and of itself perhaps start building a new network, different connections in your brain, stimulation of existing pathways. It’s an adventure and you have a whole year to explore, learn, and expand your smarts, otherwise known as your cognitive skills and reserve.




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