Exercise stimulates the brain.Eat potato chips — rush to the gym!

Short and fast: eating fatty foods is better for you if you exercise, than not eating fatty food and not exercising — if you’re a rodent -  and perhaps if you’re a human.

Rodent research has never interested me much, but this made me think twice.. I’ll save you from the gory details unless you want to click on below.

Of course, lab animals are not people, Dr. Mavanji cautions, and it’s not known if exercise might protect our brains in the same manner as it does in mice and rats. Physical exercise stimulates the brain.

Still, he says, there’s enough accumulating evidence about the potential cognitive risks of high-fat foods and the countervailing benefits from physical activity to recommend that “people exercise moderately,” he says, particularly during periods of repeated exposure to alluring, fatty holiday buffets.

The amount of exercise required to potentially protect our brains from the possible depredations of marbled beef and cheesecake isn’t excessive, after all, he continues. His rats were running for the human equivalent of about a daily 30-minute jog. So if you can’t walk away from the buffet table, be sure to at least take a walk afterward.

Here’s the link to the whole article if you’d like the details of rodent research!


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