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Are You Lying to Yourself: Negative Thinking, Positive, or Real Thinking?

“The Case for Lying to Yourself” in the WSJ, 7/31/2012 hit me hard. I don’t like the phrase lying to yourself anyway. Most intelligent people can’t do it very effectively although they can do it to and about others, (Tangent: Jonah Lehrer author of poorly reviewed neuroscience …

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Too Busy to Write a Post So I’m Sending Link to an Article about Being Too Busy — by a Writer

Well-written Fiction Increases Brain Activation

Here’s a whole article about writing and neuroscience, followed later this week by a whole article rebutting this article. The honeymoon with neuroscience my be already s-o-o-o over, although not for me and Here’s a quickie overview if you don’t have time or interest to read the details. “Your Brain on Fiction” describes what …

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For Ann Patchett fans Only — The Getaway Car, Reviewed

Here’s an article I wrote for fictionebooks about Ann Patchett’s book, The Getaway Car. I heard her speak at Town Hall Seattle last year when her book State of Wonder came out. She was a very real, accessible, down to earth person altogether; open, funny, unaffected. The Getaway Car: A Practical Memoir About Writing by …

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Sian Beilock Touts Alcohol as a Route to Creativity

> Yes, we’ve been talking about the benefits of flexible thinking, the agile mind on IWO, but whoa — getting drunk as a technique to increase creativity? Here’s the whole article, followed in the near future by more details about developing a better (it depends, I guess) path to creative thinking that doesn’t require a …

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Fiction and Neuroscience — An Oddly Provocative Couple

>A NYTimes Opinion article by author Annie Murphy Paul proclaims that support for the value of fiction has arrived unexpectedly from the field of neuroscience. Wow. Although I write nonfiction, I certainly read fiction; most recently The Grief of Others by Leah Hager Cohen which I read with an unusual kind of enjoyment. I noticed …

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Writers! Emerge from Introversion and Become an Entertainer?

I always read and learn from the Essay on the last page of the New York Times Sunday Book Review. The topic often relates to writers and the writing life as did the recent essay by Anne Trubek, “140 Characters in Search of An Author.” I found the title misleading.The content focused on the continuing …

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Writers, Zen and the Internal Critic

>Here’s the link to a new article I wrote about writers’ block as a guest blogger.

Speaking and Writing Benefit from Each Other’s Strengths

>Here’s a quick quote from a book review — Gotham Writers. It ties in to an earlier post on about public speaking for writers. Not exactly the same but related to speaking, although public not private. What Speech Can Bring to Writing In Vernacular Eloquence, Peter Elbow makes a vital new contribution …

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Loneliness Ameliorated Through Writing?

>This quote from William Kenower in The Author, an online newsletter from Pacific Northwest Writers Association, hit me at the holidays. I was feeling lonely although not alone, and sometimes in a crowd; a not uncommon experience for me during times of expected celebration, such as  birthdays. “Writing answered loneliness, and perhaps precisely because I …

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