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Mutual Regard in Critiquing — by Kelly Caldwell

Superb article about criticism which applies to critics of all kinds, professional and personal, critics of books and movies, or of people and behavior. I’m taking it seriously as I move into different aspects of critiquing. You will not be surprised that I also see that the factors identified — passion, frankness, and specificity, mutual …

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John Cleese Explains Brains in 2 Minutes

Monty Python’s John Cleese Almost Explains Our Brains Here’s part of the prelude to the You Tube bit!   “Pity The Poor Closed Caption Robot … If you think you’re having a stroke — or maybe hearing problems — you’re not. He’s just THAT good. But for a real giggle, as you listen, click on …

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Group Brainstorming Down, Individual Problem Solving Up

In a January 2012New Yorker article by Jonah Lehrer titled “Group Think, The brainstorming myth”, Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at Washington University comments, “Decades of research have consistently shown that brainstorming groups think of far fewer ideas than the same number of people who work alone and later pool their ideas.”  What that means is …

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Psychological Distancing Can Avert/Delay Drama Queening

Check out this past post on related to getting, finding, using psychological distancing as a way to avoid or delay acting out emotions. And this one too. And here’s another! Next time more about emotional regulation beyond distancing!    

How Are You Going to be Different in 2013?

All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives. Steven Spielberg   In preparation for 2013 — a somewhat controversial quote. H-m-m-m. What do you think? Different in some ways, but not an entirely different person? Always the same, basically? You change usually …

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Music and Mood

The calm mind allows one to connect with the inner self, the Soul, the very source of our being. That’s where the music lives. That’s where my music comes from. Clarence Clemons That and a walk are the way to change your mood, when and if you need to.

Amazement and Awe

“Typically, amazement is what motivates people to alter their understanding of the world and awe brings people’s attention to the present moment and alters their subjective time experience.” Ryan T. Howell Ph.D. Howell suggests giving others and yourself an experience as a gift rather than …

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Moms and Newtown and Taking Care

“You only have one mom, and you should take care of her,” says Sean, 12. From quotes from kids, a web site.. I thought much about children and parents today because of the Newtown tragedy as well as the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course this applies for adult kids as well as little …

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Are We Generally Self-Absorbed?

The article in Scientific American Mind assures readers that we are not self-absorbed or egotists. The research they report seems to conflict with their conclusion. “People devote 30 to 40 percent of their total speaking time to describing their own opinions and experiences according to much research.” MRI studies showed parts of …

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Change and Learning through Mental Stimulation

Try juggling? Fencing? Astronomy? Writing poetry? To keep your brain fit and healthy, it needs to exercise and cross train in the same way you need to keep your body fit and healthy. Instead of focusing on abs and hams, cardiovascular conditioning, we’re focusing on problem solving, flexible thinking, working memory, emotional …

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