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Intelligent Women: Leading from Fear or Love?

Do women lead by fear? I don’t think so. Should they? I don’t know. In my experience many women, in many ages and phases of life, parenting, leading, following, volunteering, partnering are doing what they’re doing by love not fear. Here’s a quote from a Harvard Business …

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Mind or Brain? Who’s In Charge?

Mind or brain? Which one manages your thinking, feelings, behavior? Is brain fitness the same as mind fitness? Who’s running the show up in your head? As many readers know I’ve been interested in brain health and fitness for the last year or more and have posted frequently about neuroscience in the …

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Do You Want Someone Reading Your Thoughts?

Summer has arrived finally to Bainbridge Island —88 today. I had a wonderful, long, beautiful waterside bike ride, cleaned the patio, then read the paper late in the day on that patio. It’s very easy to work here when it’s grey and cloudy, drizzling and in the 40′s or 50′s; not so …

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Does Talking Out Stress Help Women Live Longer?

Stress As I write this post, I’m feeling slightly stressed at the prospect of a flight to LA — a quick trip for a graduation — and of course all the family dynamics that will inevitably charge the scene. I’m working on managing that stress, motivated by recent posts and this one too! I’m a …

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The Stressed Sex — Guess Who?

Women are more stressed and are diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorders more frequently than men who often turn to escorts and companions, according to authors of The Stressed Sex, Daniel and Jason Freeman. It’s certainly plausible that women experience higher levels of stress because of the demands of their social role …

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Habits Again!

What? Meditation can help you carry out the intention to break a habit? That’s what author Jeremy Dean says in his book Making Habits, Breaking Habits, while also acknowledging that meditation is not for everyone. Although Dean is quoting research, I’m unsure of how that process works and he doesn’t provide details. …

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Working Women — Manager of family/or Department?

The controversy is endless; the “working outside the home” mother versus the “working at home” mother, managing a house, kids,  and family in general. “Working moms” implies  in the world of jobs and careers, but  also could be seen as implying that “stay at home” moms aren’t working their butts off too: …

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Increase Cognitive Function, Improve Problem-Solving by Choosing Change

Some of us embrace change, others are change agents, but most people don’t like to BE changed. It’s one thing if you have some control over the change and are choosing change, another if you are being told, gently forced or demanded to change. The article, “Continue reading »

GenderSell May Ride Again!

Here’s a fairly recent review of a book that I wrote 12 years ago, by a person who I don’t know but is apparently an expert working in social media. Amazing —  and I have to say I’m pleased by it. “It’s interesting how a book written 12+ years ago has such …

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Women’s Communication Skills Get Good Marks — Again

This picture may be more idealistic than realistic, but certainly if women can be excellent service advisers, they probably can be good service providers too. A new, upcoming, interesting, non-traditional job for women? Below is an entirely different slant on gender communication in the workplace as well as an interesting look …

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