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Positive Psychology Yay, Positive Self-Talk Nay

Positive Self-Talk not the Cure for Negative Self-Talk Regular readers know that I’m a firm believer that positive self-talk is not the cure or solution for the negative self-talk habit. Positive self-talk won’t cause harm, but in battle with negative self-talk, NST wins out every time. The NST habit is automatic for many women, deeply …

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Gender, Difference, and Leadership

Gender Differences Are gender differences in communication, emotions, thinking, and behavior still annoying to you, intriguing to you, or of no interest or relevance? As some readers know, I’ve vacillated between gender differences as a valid ongoing topic or in contrast, as a “nothing new” topic or as a “no longer an …

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Negative Self-Talk and Pessimistic Thinking: Let ‘em Go

Letting Go of Negative Self-talk and Pessimistic Thinking is Wise Action How can you kill two habits with one stone? Or diminish both NST and pessimistic thinking with the same techniques? Not easily, but more efficient than breaking each habit — one at a time. Martin Seligman Ph.D. wrote a superb book called Learned Optimism

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Neuroplasticity — Key to Breaking Negative Self-Talk Habit

Diminish Negative Self-Talk and Learn Realistic Thinking Here’s a link to a video that explains the concept of neuroplasticityl — and demonstrates how you can start to break the negative self-talk habit and begin to build the realistic self-talk habit! For a quick review of negative self-talk habit, check out

Negative Self-Talk Can’t Be Eliminated, But . . .

The negative self-talk habit — or any habit for that matter — can never be eliminated. It will always be hiding someplace in our brain, ready to jump into action when triggered by an old cue; just as you don’t forget how to ride a bicycle. Even when we’ve established a solid replacement habit, for …

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How Can You “Lean In” if You Have the Negative Self-Talk Habit?

The early pages of Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg contain many examples of NST — Sandberg’s or other women’s thinking habit. She doesn’t label it negative self-talk, but notes the frequent presence of the imposter syndrome and self-criticism in many women.  Examples from her book: ” Show me a woman without guilt …

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The Stressed Sex — Guess Who?

Women are more stressed and are diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorders more frequently than men, according to authors of The Stressed Sex, Daniel and Jason Freeman. It’s certainly plausible that women experience higher levels of stress because of the demands of their social role …

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Habits Again!

What? Meditation can help you carry out the intention to break a habit? That’s what author Jeremy Dean says in his book Making Habits, Breaking Habits, while also acknowledging that meditation is not for everyone. Although Dean is quoting research, I’m unsure of how that process works and he doesn’t provide details. …

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How Do You Break Habits? Easily? Nope.

How do you break a habit? Breaking the negative self-talk habit with a focus on using new brain science (my current book project) changes the approach, but doesn’t change some facts about making and breaking habits. Jeremy Dean’s book, Making Habits, Breaking Habits comments that the intention to break a habit is …

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Start Eliminating Negative Self-Talk — The Three A’s

I’m working on finishing my book: Handbook #1 for Intelligent Women: Break the Negative Self-Talk Habit with New Brain Science. As I started working on the chapter on the problem-solving process as the first step toward No NST, I read the end of the previous chapter, which I’ve copied below. It’s a …

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