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Natalie Goldberg — One of Many Intelligent Women and Writers

The True Secret of Writing plus Zen. WOW.  Here’s a brief article related to Goldberg’s new book that came from Eagle Harbor Book Store on Bainbridge Island WA — terrific bookstore plus one of the most famous, intelligent women and writers. “Writing for Your Life Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones (1986) started the obsession …

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Aerobic Exercise Great for Executive Function of Brain: Kids to Seniors

An extremely useful, informative, specific — and not so surprising blog post from Annie Murphy Paul, writer and expert on learning. “Conversation: a surprising way to improve “executive function” Chances are you’ve recently heard or read about the importance of “executive function”—the set of higher-order mental skills that allow us to …

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Realistic Thinking — The Gold Standard

WHAT IS REALISTIC THINKING? “I talk to myself inside all the time. That’s how I know what I’m thinking. That’s how I know how I’m feeling,” commented a friend during a recent discussion. He’s right. Our conscious mind has a voice. We can talk to ourselves negatively, positively or realistically. Most of …

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Podcast about the Negatives about Positive Thinking

Some people think positive thinking is the only way to go. Others think it’s a pile of make-believe.Here’s a podcast of an interview with Bo Bennett for Toastmasters International. I had written an article for the January issue of the magazine about debunking positive thinking. The interviewer, Bo, had some ideas that …

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Bo Bennett Writes About Positive Thinking

Here’s the link to Bo Bennet’s blog, Relationship with Reason, and his thoughts about positive thinking. I recently wrote my own debunking positive thinking article and included some excerpts on my blog for Monday, March 4th. Bo provides a different take and different terms and lots of references for research. Where do …

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Play for Kids and Adults

Here’s a paragraph from an article by Dr.David Elkins on that caught my attention. The article is about the loss of play and its physical and cognitive benefits for children — and adults. Not a brand new thought, but getting to be a more serious lack in kids life — and …

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Talking Out Loud Enhances Problem Solving — and Might increase IQ

Talking out Loud to Yourself

This article on problem-solving looks very cool on  It was published on 2/9/2012 so may not be on the front page! If you’re in a hurry, read the last 3 paragraphs of the republished article here and you’ll get the action message. As slight change from self-talk but showing …

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Confusion Can Lead to Clarity

Taking a brief break from positive, negative self and other talk, and realistic self-talk to post this fascinating article about confusion as a contribution to learning by Annie Murphy Paul. Her blog is titled The Brilliant Blog. It’s related to her special interest in neuroscience and learning and mine, neuroscience and brain fitness. “The Virtues …

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Negative Self-Talk — About Other People

Originally, focused primarily on eliminating negative self-talk. Right now as I’m reviewing self-talk in general, I want to talk about negative other-talk, which is our inner monologue about other people. E.g. ” She’s overstepping her role in this job. What a control freak!” “He’s so arrogant; always right, never in doubt.” …

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Do You Choose to Moderate Your Emotions?

If you’ve made a choice to be a less emotional acting out woman, I’d suggest a couple of changes you could make. In addition to getting psychological distance (search previous posts on for psychological distance if you haven’t read them previously) and contemplating the unsatisfying outcomes for relationships that arrive with …

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