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Negative Self-Talk Can’t Be Eliminated, But . . .

The negative self-talk habit — or any habit for that matter — can never be eliminated. It will always be hiding someplace in our brain, ready to jump into action when triggered by an old cue; just as you don’t forget how to ride a bicycle. Even when we’ve established a solid replacement habit, for …

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Mind or Brain? Who’s In Charge?

Mind or brain? Which one manages your thinking, feelings, behavior? Is brain fitness the same as mind fitness? Who’s running the show up in your head? As many readers know I’ve been interested in brain health and fitness for the last year or more and have posted frequently about neuroscience in the …

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Video Interview with Alvaro Fernandez re Brain Health

Just saw a video interview with Alvaro Fernandez at the Digital Health summer Conference which focuses mostly on physical health. He was there to promote the importance of brain health and fitness. Here’s the video link:      

Does Talking Out Stress Help Women Live Longer?

Stress As I write this post, I’m feeling slightly stressed at the prospect of a flight to LA — a quick trip for a graduation — and of course all the family dynamics that will inevitably charge the scene. I’m working on managing that stress, motivated by recent posts and this one too! I’m a …

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How to Optimize Brain Health and Performance at Any Age

In a recent interview with Alvaro Fernandez, founder of and author of The 2nd edition of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness, he offered to answer questions about brain health and fitness from readers of …

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Increase Cognitive Function, Improve Problem-Solving by Choosing Change

Some of us embrace change, others are change agents, but most people don’t like to BE changed. It’s one thing if you have some control over the change and are choosing change, another if you are being told, gently forced or demanded to change. The article, “Continue reading »

Information Overload Plus Ongoing NST Causes Stress — No Surprise

Still reading and thinking about information overload as it relates to brain function and stress. Some interesting research info from a New York Times May 5th article, “Brain Interrupted” by Bob Sullivan and Hugh Thompson: • Typical office worker gets 11 minutes between interruptions. •  It takes 25 …

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Advice from Opera Star Joyce Di Donato about Negative Self-Talk

Still struggling with negative self-talk? Please listen to minutes 8 to 16 on Joyce Di Donato, Juilliard’s Master Class (YouTube).  Wilma Koutstaal, author of The Agile Mind, sent the link to me, knowing my writing and thinking about negative self-talk. The entire segment is interesting if you’re a music aficionado, …

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How Long Does the Amy Cuddy Power Poses Effect Last?

Just did a workshop at the American Society for Authors and Journalists: Public Speaking for Private Writers Writers. We (four  facilitators) taught and had participants use Amy Cuddy’s power poses prior to practicing the three or four opening sentences of their presentations-to-be. It was fun and funny and everyone. When we asked …

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Consequences of Overparenting?

Link to lengthy article about the consequences for kids of overparenting, having all the bumps in the road smoothed out for them. I thought it was excellent and found explanations for trends that I didn’t understand. e.g. increase in binge drinking, ultra-casual sex, and an increase in anxiety and depression in college kids. It describes …

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