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Reinvigorate Brain Health: Brain Training Does It?

Below, quotes from Nov 4, 2013  SharpBrains.com, somewhat modified by intelligentwomenonly. More on this blog about mindfulness and meditation. Controversy and disagreement go fist to fist with overpositive hype about what brain training can actually do for you. My experience with brain training and Lumosity has been fun and intriguing, but I’m not expecting changes …

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Intelligent Women Only

A quick update in case you haven’t checked in to “About Intelligent Women Only” recently. About Intelligent Women Only Intelligentwomenonly.com is about psychology and thinking, about women and men, similarities and differences in the post-recession culture. It’s about the newest research findings that guide women toward getting smarter, healthier in the head, and less …

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If You’re Not Intelligent Enough?

The Pain of the Perceived Intelligence Gap This blog is called intelligentwomenonly.com for a reason. Many women succumb to the negative self-talk habit, which interferes mightily with their confidence and their perception of themselves as intelligent beings. Certainly not all women are smart, but probably more are smart than think they’re smart.  …

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Go for It: Forget about Bias, Negative Self-Talk, and Likeability.

Women Can Be Wonderful It has been a week of fascinating conversations with bright women who have a sense of humor. I’m often surprised at how easily and quickly women who don’t know each other well can connect. They may not end up life-long friends, or even short-term friends, but women’s (not all of course) …

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Perfectionism, Negative Self-Talk, Stress Lead to P-ro-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-i-o-n

 Emotional Regulation Skills Reduce Negative Self-Talk Scientific American Mind, Nov./Dec. had an article about procrastination — a problem for us all. Here are the high points: •  Chronic procrastinators tend to wrestle with anxiety, depression, and self-critical thoughts more than others do. • Research is showing that procrastinators use distraction and temptations as …

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Jennie Shortridge, Negative Self-Talk, and Leave it At the Door!

Leave NST at the Door Writes Shortridge Jennie Shortridge, author of  Love Water Memory and When She Flew, presented a workshop recently, sponsored by Field’s End, a Writer’s Community on Bainbridge Island WA. Her topic was “The Art and Craft of Dialogue”, generally a tricky topic for all writers of fiction and well delivered by …

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GenderSell for Individual Difference

What’s the connection between HBR’s (2013) “How Women Decide” and GenderSell (2000)?   “How Women Decide” is the title of the 9/13 Harvard Business Review article about selling differently to women and men. Here is a link to the article, plus my brief bullet points of summary, and an …

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Constructive Self-Criticism Beats NST

Another angle and good suggestions for improvement dealing with overly positive and tough negative self-talk by Juliana Breines Ph.D. With her permission and the link to her original Psychology Today blog post, you’ll find Dr. Breines’s article below. The Art of Constructive Self-Criticism How to learn from your mistakes without beating yourself up. Published on …

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Women’s Downplay of Talents Limits Them and Creates Stress

A brief NYTimes article mentions that women aren’t going into science because ” no one’s telling them they should be there.”  I disagree. In my opinion, there are two other explanations. • women don’t want to be in the sciences. • or women are telling themselves they shouldn’t be there because they don’t …

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Communication Style and Gender

When communication styles don’t match!  Although the HRB Blog isn’t focused on gender differences in communication, the article’s premises apply! HBR Blog Network How to Listen When Your Communication Styles Don’t Match by Mark Goulston  |   1:00 PM October 9, 2013 “Why do people who consider themselves good communicators often fail to …

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